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Bimer Bonsai Club members volunteering at Bonsai House on Tuesdays are encouraged by the appointment of Senior Gardener Perry Naumann, a permanent staff member, dedicated to the Bonsai House — and his full time attendance will ensure that the current collection receives increased attention. Ariana (apprentice) is his assistant and both are receiving hands on training!! – They are both intensely interested in Bonsai – with particular emphasis on Natives for Bonsai.

The collection (consisting mainly of Ficus species) has been reviewed with the intention to reduce the number of Figs with a view to increasing the Bonsai on display to include significantly more Natives.

Council is investigating the installation of a security system to assist in safeguarding the collection.

Visitors may also have noted that the current structure has been repainted as part of its continuing upgrade.

Two huge Bougainvilleas were uprooted from the Alpine Lookout late last year. Prior to that they were growing in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. They are flourishing and will be planted into decorative containers to feature at the entry. Show stopping indeed!!!! And a great feature. Be sure to catch them in full flower in spring 2018!!