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Tony Bebb at Bimer’s Workshop & Meeting – June 5, 2021

It was a fantastic day with Tony Bebb at our Bimer Bonsai Workshop and Meeting on June 5th – check out the photos below

About the day: Tony focused on Figs in June so members brought figs in to work with him from 9.00 am to 12.00pm and then Tony did a presentation at the formal part of our meeting from 1.30 pm.

Tony did an overview on figs, their characteristics and care, what you can and can’t do and then worked on an old fig in a demonstration.

About Tony Bebb

Tony’s bonsai journey began at the age of 13 when he attended his first workshop with Tom Yamamoto. In 1984, having just turned 17, he started work at the family Bonsai nursery in Brisbane, and his father started teaching him the ‘Art’ of Bonsai. He worked there for 16 years, learning about, teaching and growing Bonsai. He is a nationally and internationally registered Bonsai tutor and demonstrator, and is well respected for his ability and expression, as well as his individualism and freedom of thought. Tony regularly travels throughout the World conducting workshops and demonstrations with a number of quest artist appearances at National Conventions, World Bonsai Conventions, AABC/BCI Bonsai Namaste in India. 

Tony is currently Principal of the Brisbane International Bonsai School, conducts private workshops for fellow enthusiasts. If you want lessons and direction in your bonsai. Email Tony on