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The 2022 Bougainvillea Challenge

October 1st, 2022 – 1.30-4.30 pm – Wavell Heights

Bimer Bonsai is proud to present a workshop/demonstration and information about Bougainvillea.

Date: 1st October 2022

Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm

Place: Wavell Heights Community Hall

Facilitators: Albert G, Keith S and Ben

The club has acquired a number of Bougainvillea’s that are over 25 years old. They have been dug up from one of 
Australia’s best bougainvillea growers and are very healthy. It is time to utilise them within the club and find them new homes. 

Saturday 1st October

At our next meeting the lucky parents of the future bonsai will select the one they want: big, small, single trunk multi etc. about 30 to choose from. We will set up a horseshoe table setting for the 10 participants with their trees. Club member observers will be inside the horseshoe and be able to wander around the tables to see what each person is up to. The facilitators will discuss the various approaches and assist the participants with the initial development of their trees. 

You are invited to participate, only 10 places

We are inviting 10 club members who will each choose a Bougainvillea with the goal of displaying it in our annual show in April 2023. You will initially style the tree, take it home and look after it.  Every month an experienced club member will conduct a specific Bougainvillea help desk in the normal workshop for those who wish to get assistance in creating their prized tree. We will assist in re-potting and development of the Bonsai.

The artist can purchase their tree at the start or at any time for only $50. They are worth over $150. If you choose not to purchase, then you can still work on them, learn about them, and the club will be put up for sale after the show. If the tree doesn’t make it, the club will celebrate the knowledge you have gained.

An opportunity to own a fantastic ‘old’ bonsai not to be missed.

First 10 will have a place at the table. Email your name immediately to get a tree and a seat to: