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Skills & Knowledge Course 2021-2022

Bimer Bonsai Club’s skills and knowledge course commences on Saturday 7th August 2021 – 9 am to 12 noon.  

The course will have ten 3-hour modules and run for a year and go through the 12-month calendar of activities that help to develop great bonsai in Southeast Queensland. Targeted for beginners to intermediate and as an advanced refresher with reference notes and practical application to trees it is open to any club member (Membership is only $20)

It will be held on the first Saturday of every month at our Wavell Heights facility (Wavell Heights Community Hall, 76 Cressey Street, off Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland) from 9.00am to 12.00pm. 

The cost will be only $150 for the 12 month course

and will include: 

3 Trees to learn from and

Significant notes and reference information


The course will cover:

How to keep your Bonsai alive.Plant selection and acquisitionTechniques for developing BonsaiPrinciples of bonsai designA feature species each monthHistory, Styles and sizes Tools, wiring, care, and maintenanceDisplay, Tokonoma, Show display, Scrolls.Pots, Stands, Shohin display and accents.What to do each month with your trees.  

Contact us: 


Phone: 07 3263 9609


Feedback from Course participants:

I’ve really enjoyed the course, and everything presented, and the style used both by PowerPoint and hands-on. I have appreciated the presentation style and opportunity to meet fellow bonsai club members who are interested in learning and sharing their experiences in a friendly atmosphere. I believe that by participating in the course, fellow club members can identify with those new to the club and appreciate genuine interest.

I feel the course has been a great success. Built on your enthusiasm, informative & interesting notes plus support from many experienced Bimer members.

Considering all the materials that have been provided, the quality of trees and hours in the course, the cost of $150 is good value.

Having the course on the same day as Bimer meeting works well and helps promote the course.

The practical, hands on experience has been a highlight for me. However, the YouTube instruction videos that were suggested provided noticeably clear & detailed wiring instructions. Excellent and a homework place for them.

I think the course represents excellent value for money. At $150 for 11 sessions, it only works out to be $13.60 per sessions, and this is for 3-hour sessions. The fee also includes the supplied trees, wire, and pot, so the cost of the “tuition” probably works at to be not much more than $5 per session which, if anything, is probably too cheap.

There is an amazing amount of research and work that has been put into the course preparation and thank you for your efforts to put everything together which is very comprehensive. I have been very happy with your presentations at each meeting which have been very informative and enjoyable. . It has been great to have Albert and a few of the other senior members provide some additional contribution and this has been great.