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2018 April Roger Lunt: Black Pine

Over 30 years ago a friend offered Roger a ‘little tree’ and invited him to the local Bonsai club. Roger has developed a passion and love for all things ‘Bonsai’, and has since dedicated his life to the art.

​Roger has worked at the largest Bonsai nursery in Brisbane and has previously worked as a nationally registered tutor and demonstrator. He has spent years developing his keen and unique understanding of the needs and Bonsai potential of many plants.

Roger has conducted many workshops in South East Queensland Bonsai Clubs including a demonstration at the 2006 National Convention. He has also worked on a number of private Bonsai collections.

​After 12 years operating as ‘Defined Garden Bonsai Studio’ on the Gold Coast, Roger has now relocated to Brisbane as “The Bonsai Man”, and this wonderful journey continues.

​Roger’s personal quest is to share his passion, ideas, and knowledge of this wonderful art to all who seek to learn. He shared his thoughts and skills with us at the Bimer Bonsai Club.


Good turnout for Roger’s demonstration
The Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii)