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Preparing for the Show in May 2021

Topic for March 6th 2021 Meeting – Preparing for the Show

Bring your trees you are considering for the show to the March 6th meeting – remember it is at the temporary venue – Nundah Shed – 23 Nundah Street, Nundah.

With our show in May 2021, we will be inviting all members to bring trees along that they are considering putting into the show. We encourage all members to share their art with other members and the public. So even if you think it is not at the standard you want then get our experts to advise and suggest how to get it ready for the show. There is still enough time!

Come and get your tree discussed and suggestions on refinement and from the panel of previous show winners. The suggestions will be empathetic and positive to get the most out of your art.

Gil T.

One of our senior bonsai artists with many show winners over the years. With a wide range of plant species and styles Gil is famous for developing world class trees. As you can see below his skills in refinement and development of bonsai create prize winners.

David C.

Our club’s trade table master and senior bonsai artist. Attention to detail and patient meticulous work results in prize winners. Some of his trees below bare testament to the skills and knowledge he will share with you.

Albert G.

Our president and an accredited Bonsai Tutor of the Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Ltd (AABC). His keen interest in Australian natives has seen many a demonstration and highly developed trees in our shows over the years. This si complimented by the skills and development of all varieties of trees.

Here are some of his work:

So bring along a tree please. This is an opportunity not to be missed.