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Calendar Tree November 2020

November 2020 Calendar Tree – Fig – Michael C

This is one of my favourite figs, it has been with me for many years. Approximately 47 years old and been in training for 40 years. It has been in a few different pots, but was potted into this tray in 2001. I like the look of it in this tray because it implies a feeling of spring, active and vibrant, or maybe that’s just me seeing something. Whatever it is, I really like it, even if it should not work because of the shallow tray, the light glaze instead of a deep and strong pot, possibly un-glazed, which it was in early in its training. Sometimes thing’s work out when in theory they shouldn’t. So to say that this is my favourite fig in my collection would not be far from the truth. This tree has been in many show’s over the years. I re-pot it usually every year.