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May 2018 Calendar Tree

This fig was dug from a member’s garden in 1995. In 1997 it was styled and potted in this oval pot. Since then it has undergone a few changes, changed direction and potting angle. Changed the pot to a stronger rectangle. The height was lowered slightly. Later this year I am thinking of a stronger re-style that will still suit this pot. 

April 2018 Calendar Tree

Purchased in 2014 from Leong Kwong Bonsai South Nursery with funds provided for educational purposes.

Initial styling at a Bimer Club Meeting in 2015 brought along to club meetings when further work required to allow members to gain further knowledge on growing and refining junipers.
Potted into final bonsai container 2016

Club Meeting

The Bimer Club on the first Saturday of the month @ 1.00pm(except January) in Church Hall, Jaguar Street, Chermside West.

Please see the Contact Us page for meeting details or to get in touch with us.


Annual General Meeting

On July 7th we will have our Annual General Meeting. We welcome nominations for the Committee. The form is here:

Nominations for the Committee

Bonsai Horizons

  • Top Floor of the Calamvale Hotel, 678 Compton Road, Calamvale
  • 19th – 20th May 2018
  • See link below


International Praise for Bonsai House Mt Cootha

Harrkon in the UK

“Something to push the boundaries of our Greenhouse Tour today; the Bonsai House of Brisbane Botanic Gardens in Queensland, Australia.

Not the typical structure that we normally share but there’s a reason we called this a greenhouse tour and not a glasshouse tour and this place encapsulates all that we hold dear in our research of the man/nature crossover.”

See the whole article