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Four Junipers with David C

Four Junipers Saturday 1st September 2018

A fun day as four of our newer members work on these four Club Junipers, each with a mentor assisting. A great way to learn about Bonsai technique, style, care and aesthetics. These were the raw material.

With David as the master of ceremonies and the mentors of Albert G, Michael C, Ben and David G working with our newer members in an action packed afternoon.

David did the introduction for the process of creating Bonsai from nursery stock.

First was to work out the front of the tree. Looking at the base of the tree that the Japanese call Nebari. We are looking for width and the anchor tot he ground.

Next we look at the trunk. We are looking for great taper from the base to the top of the tree. Also looking for movement in the trunk. Finding the most interesting movement in all 3 dimensions.

We then look for the special features that make the tree unique. This is followed by the branch structure and the apex. Finally we look for flaws like bar branches, pigeon breast and reverse taper.

The choice of the front is a compromise between all these elements. There is no such perfect text-book tree.

Our first team

The Second Team

Third Team

Forth Juniper