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June Activities

As with last month, more time becomes available for updating records, photos, planning and preparing for spring
– readying pots, organizing what potting mixes you will need, catching up on bonsai related reading. Keep your
eye out for different mosses to collect for the repotting season, store in trays of potting mix, under your display

Watering – Continue morning watering, but reduce according to the trees’ needs – deciduous species will require
much less water. Ensure that the soil surface is dry before re-watering.

Positioning – Full sun is the ideal now. If you are in a frost prone area, think about a more protected site for your
frost-sensitive species for the colder months on their way.

Potting – Look at your trees to decide which will benefit from a re-pot in late winter and onwards. Note them,
together with your reasons and thoughts, so that you won’t be reinventing the wheel when the time comes. Is
the pot too small, unsuited to a new design, does the tree need re-positioning; is the soil old, does the tree need
better drainage…?

Styling – Continue to watch for scarring from old wiring. Deciduous trees can be wired more easily after leaf fall.
To reduce the risk, don’t water the tree for a day or two before wiring – this will reduce any brittleness. Wire
can be left on for long periods and branches may set by the time growth starts again in Spring.

Pest – Check, especially deciduous trees once their foliage drops, for any lurking bugs. All trees can be sprayed
with a dilute solution of lime sulphur as a preventative (this will help control mildew spores before next season).
This can be done each May, June and July.