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February Activities

Many may think that summer is a quiet time on the bonsai calendar, but now is a good time for re-potting tropical bonsai such as Figs and Bougainvilleas. Newly re-potted trees will need some protection from the sun until they show signs of growth.
All this rain and warmth will be making your bonsai put on extra growth. It is a good time to do some light, regular pruning of the foliage which will bring the foliage back into the branch silhouette and also encourage denser growth. This is a good practice to be doing for established bonsai and will prepare them for display at our April show. Some adjustment wiring can also be done to bring the branches into place, which may set in time to remove the wire for the show.


This is hot weather so once a day or maybe even twice a day. Mist leaves daily


Once a week at full strength, but use low nitrogen fertilizer. Slow down feeding stopping at the end of the month


Full to partial sun depending on the species.


Reduce trimming. Prune pines, junipers, and yews. Wire pines, junipers, yews, and evergreens.


Only repot cypress, buttonwood, cotoneaster, fig, and most tropical trees.