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Course – Introduction to Bonsai

3 Hours – Free of charge – Maximum of 10 Participants per course – 5 Sessions run per year depending on demand

This course is for people who are curious about Bonsai and have not previously done a Bonsai course.

It is an introductory session designed to give interested members and non-members a taste of Bonsai or for potential members who have an interest in bonsai to participate in a short introduction to the basics of bonsai.

They will create their first tree while being taught how to keep it alive. The participants do not need to be members of the club but are given a plant and pot and are shown how to start the journey to creating bonsai.

This session and the materials for the bonsai are FREE to participants and they get to keep the tree they worked on.

What is provided for free?

The session, loan tools, mesh, soil and wire, your plant and its pot.

If you are interested in attending a free Introduction to Bonsai Session, please check date and availability of places on the next course by telephoning the number on the linked flyer.