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Bimer Bonsai Club – Brisbane


BIMER (pronounced “Beamer”) is an indigenous Australians’ name for the Moreton Bay Fig. This magnificent tree is a distinctive part of Brisbane’s flora; and their huge crowns provided shelter for this region’s first inhabitants.

It is therefore considered to be an appropriate symbol for our Club.The many varieties of Ficus are an excellent species for Bonsai cultivation, by both beginners and experienced Bonsai hobbyists alike.

The aim of the Club is to provide a sheltering umbrella for motivated people with an interest in Bonsai, and to develop and enjoy their hobby/art with other enthusiasts. The Fig is also an excellent species for Bonsai cultivation by both beginners and experienced Bonsai hobbyists alike.

The Bimer Bonsai Club held its first meeting in February 1983 with a handful of interested and enthusiastic people, and has grown continuously ever since.


We are a work and practice oriented Club, working together at meetings on trees to learn, by sharing information, skills, and experience between members. Thus part of all meetings is devoted to working on and discussing Bonsai, with assistance for newcomers from our more experienced members.

We learn by sharing ideas and studying other members at work. We also learn by discussing styling of trees, and techniques used by tutors. Guest speakers and demonstrations, local, national and international, provide instruction at our meetings.
Field trips, day trips to buy trees, pots etc, workshops and our Annual Show at Mt Coot-tha give us a very full calendar.

Monthly Meetings

1-4 pm First Saturday of the month except January – Wavell Heights Community Hall – 76 Cressey Street, Wavell Heights

On the first Saturday of the month the committee brings to the club a new topic for the enjoyment and benefit of its members and visitors.  Usually the afternoon is filled with a full 3 hour demonstration from a local demonstrator or a series of short talks by technical experts and specialists in a certain fields. The afternoon starts at 1:00pm where members are able to borrow from the library or purchase from the trade table. The meeting officially commences at 1:30pm. There is a small afternoon tea break in which members can have a cup of tea or coffee along with a bite to eat.  This intermission also allows the members to catch up with friends, ask for some help or advice.

Approximately twice per year at the monthly meeting, the club holds a workshop. Members bring their trees to work on or ask advice from the many helpers on hand about the future style or direction of a tree.  Members just beginning in Bonsai benefit from this event as they can seek guidance from members who over time have come to specialize in certain trees species.  All members benefits from these events as they get to see many trees being transformed in an afternoon. Often just walking the floor and talking to the workshop participants is just enough to provide the inspiration you need to take home and look at your Bonsai in a different light.  The club also arranges special demonstrators that also perform a workshop for the benefits of interested participants.

Trade Table

There is a large trade area from which can be purchased pots, wire, books, ornaments, and tools, pre-bonsai to advanced bonsai.

Annual Show

Each year the members of the Bimer Bonsai Club Inc band together to put on a display for the local community.  Usually it is held in autumn at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.  Demonstrations are held daily by local bonsai specialists. Come along and enjoy a day in the gardens and visit our show. See the Calendar of Events for the next show date.

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