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Calendar Tree – September 2021

Leptospermum Burgundy Queen
Photo 1 was taken September 2018 after growing from tube stock.

Photo 2 was taken one year later October 2019 abundant with flowers and showing some shape, it was re- potted around this time.

Burgundy Queen has dark green foliage with dark red new growth, it is graced with double frilly edged red to burgundy flowers in Winter through to Spring. It is hardy and adaptable and proven to be a great bonsai species in my native collection. It requires shape and wiring throughout the growing season with careful pruning not to forgo the blossoms.

The leptospernum was grown from tube stock which quickly grew to the first photo Sep 2018. Photographed again approx one year later Oct 2019 abundant with flowers and showing some shape and was re-potted.

My end result hopefully is to mimic the scanned copy of Bonsai Today 96 2005 Issue 2 which shows maturity & beauty accomplished by meticulously arranging branches around a truck that is allowed to grow unrestrained.
Prefers to be moist, well drained in a sunny position. Worth a try with a quick result.