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Calendar Tree – March 2022

Leptospermum Petersonii – Albert G

This tree is commonly known as the Lemon Scented Tea Tree. It was purchased from a fellow club member around 2016. When purchased the tree had the branches coming out more laterally than. it is now. The tree was tilted so the thickest branch was orientated upwards and became the main trunk. The other branches became trunks of smaller trees arranged around the main one. The first photo is from February 2018 after its first repot.

This native species is nice to work with as it has a beautiful lemon smell when the leaves are cut. It is very

The second photo is from April 2020 after the tree was placed in this slab pot from a potter In Victoria.

The tree is currently sitting a little high in the pot and so the tree and soil line will be lowered slightly to better balance the overall image.