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Calendar Tree – March 2021

Juniper – Michael C

This juniper was bought from the club trade table approximately eight years ago. It was in an eight inch pot and the tree was lying horizontally over the edge and already screwed to the driftwood. After twelve months I decided the tree would look better in an upright position. I re-potted the tree, still in the eight inch pot but now in the upright position that it is currently in. That seemed to set it back somewhat and it was a couple of years before it started to improve. Once the tree had stabilised and the growth had improved, I set about doing the initial styling and transferred it into the pot you see now.

Still not really happy with my styling of the tree, I allowed a close friend and fellow club member to have his way with it and I must say that I am very happy with the result.

There are still a few issues with it that I am working on but ultimately this is it folks.