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Calendar Tree – July 2022

Ash Bonsai Progression – Keith S 

After some research as to the variety of Ash this is, I am pretty sure it is Fraxinus nigra Black Ash. The buds, bark and leaves fit the description. Happy to be corrected. 

23 April, 2018: Purchased at the Bimer Bonsai Show and had brilliant trunk and very few branches.

25 May, 2019 – Potted into a large oval pot and started to select and wire branches letting them extend and cutting back

13 October 2020 – Really beefed out – you can see some of the branches that I left to extend in order to thicken them.

30 December 2020 – trimmed back extended branches to allow the beginnings of the final structure.  Track is amazing and the nabari has extended.

1 May 2021 – at the Bimer Bonsai Show