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Calendar Tree – January 2022

Trident Bonsai – Keith S

This old Japanese Trident Maple started life as a cutting struck in 1985 by John Eastment, Australian Bonsai Gallery. It, along with many other JTM cuttings, was container grown for the first year to develop some strength.

In its second year it was transferred to my pre-bonsai development beds, in the open ground, and allowed to grow freely for the next 5 years. Over the following ~7 years, each year it was dug up and root pruned to develop a good nebari and lower trunk taper. Once the nebari and lower trunk were sufficiently developed the tree was transferred to a very large plastic training pot. To assist in good root development, and to promote an easy transition into a bonsai pot, a 10” pot was placed, up turned, in the base of the training pot.

The tree remained in this pot for a number of years while John worked on the style/design of the future bonsai. Finally, in 2002, this tree was ready for its transition into the bonsai pot pictured here.

Since then, this bonsai has been continually refined to improve branch ramification and to reduce the leaf size.

At the time of sale this bonsai had achieved a very attractive nebari, great taper in the trunk, balanced and refined branch structure, and an acceptable leaf size.

With further care and refinement this bonsai will develop further branch ramification and the resulting further reduction in leaf size.

Autumn colour is very good in this tree. This can be further enhanced though by keeping excess moisture away from the bonsai from late Summer.

“I was very happy with the progress of this bonsai and hope that it brings as much satisfaction to you, Keith, as it has for me over the past 34 years.” John Eastment, The Australian Bonsai Gallery

29th August 2019 Keith takes on stewardship of the tree. The picture the day of handover.

The tree travelled with Keith to Canberra for a week with Ryan Neil and Koybashi. Then the long drive back to Brisbane. The tree travelled well and enjoyed the new garden in pride of place.