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Long Island Fig ā€“ Jim T

Long Island Fig – Jim T

March 2009: This tree was purchased as a very small starter plant from Bonsai Northside.
It was planted over the clay sculpture rock in the same month with the roots spread out and tied with pruning tape.

The tree was then planted in a large plastic garden pot with the rock sculpture completely buried.

August 2010: The tree was styled as a semi-cascade. The tree was removed from the plastic pot and the roots re-arranged and secured onto the sculpture rock with glad wrap. It was again buried completely in the same large plastic garden pot.

Over the next 2 years the soil was lowered and the pot cut by approximately 1/3rd each year.

April 2012: The tree and sculptured rock were planted into the current bonsai pot. All the roots were pushed into the grooves with sphagnum moss & clay and then secured in position with pieces of polystyrene and pruning tape.

October 2014: Pruning tape, clay and sphagnum removed .

The tree has been re-potted in the same bonsai pot twice since. The last being in October 2019.
The clay sculptured rock was made and fired by my wife and is titled “Rock People”. If you look closely at the sculpture it has human figures in various positions embossed into the surface. ie: on the bottom right immediately above surface moss there is a head and shoulders and half way up on the left is a human arm. I was able to use this sculptured rock as it was a reject due a couple of small cracks.

The bonsai stand is American White Oak and was crafted by Michael C.