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Calendar Tree April 2021

APRIL 2021 CALENDAR TREE – Sannantha similis – Geoff S

My tree is a Sannantha similis raft. The tree was purchased in May 2015 as a tube stock for $3. I grew it in the garden and then used the elongated trunk to make a raft (commenced in late 2016). I then placed it in a large pot to grow on.

The raft has been refined over time. It was first shown at the Redlands 2019 annual show. In my view the trunks are still immature and I need to remove the bulbous original root that spoils the surface profile. Hope the entire raft will improve over time. The canopy is quite healthy. This native tree variety is good for bonsai. It also has a lively small white flower in spring.

Sannantha similis – Geoff S