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Bonsai Lessons and Tutors

Bonsai Northside Nursery

15 Devine Ct, Morayfield QLD 4506 Phone: 07 5498 7093

Open Thursday to Monday 9 am -5 pm

Bonsai Northside  became a retail nursery officially in September 2002. Since the mid 1980’s they have been a grower of Bonsai stock trees.

In Japan and China, they have fields of trees that are especially developed for the use in the art of Bonsai. This is what encouraged Tess to become a grower of Bonsai stock trees. Tess has been lucky enough to see some of these fields in Japan in 1993 and again on a recent trip to China.

The nursery has grown out of this passion, friends gather here to share my love of Bonsai and we all learn from each other. Tess’ philosophy is that ‘you are here for a good time, not a long time’ and doing the art of Bonsai takes me a good place inside myself.’

Selby’s hobbies is Suiseki which is an art on its own but often features with Bonsai. Selby is also the designer of the gardens on the property and has incorporated the love of Bonsai and some features of the Asian style garden into our Aussie garden.

Through the nursery they run beginner courses and the monthly workshops, sharing information and passion with participants. This is the ‘show me – tell me’ part of learning.

‘I have found that Bonsai knowledge seems to come to you in small bits, like a grain of sand at a time but before you know it, you have a sandpit’. Tess Simpson.

Australian Bonsai Grower

190 Hubner Road, Park Ridge QLD 4125 Phone 07 3803 3060

This nursery is a family business and has been operating in its current location for 27 years.

Dianne was introduced to the art of bonsai at an early age by her father who was a bonsai enthusiast with a large private collection. Dianne still has some of his trees.

Stephen and Dianne’s  passion for the art of bonsai grew out of Dianne’s exposure to her father’s bonsai and became even stronger when they received two bonsai as a wedding gift. They continue to add to our private collection, but like many enthusiasts at that time, found it difficult to find suitable stock plants. They decided to propagate their own plants. Stephen became heavily involved in plant propagation and it was from this early start that the nursery opened in 1987, initially offering only stock plants to bonsai enthusiasts and the trade.

It wasn’t long before we started selling completed bonsai and the nursery has continued to grow and today, is Queenland’s largest supplier of stock plants for bonsai. We offer a vast range of completed bonsai and all bonsai accessories.

They also run workshops and lessons.

Opening times

  • Saturday to Thursday: 9.00 – 4.00
  • Closed Wednesday
  • Friday 9.00 -12.00

The Bonsai Man

Ring for appointment

9 Whitby Street, Keperra QLD 4054 Phone 0449 040 600

Roger Lund is the Bonsai Man.

Over 30 years ago a friend offered Roger a ‘little tree’ and invited him to the local Bonsai club. Roger has developed a passion and love for all things ‘Bonsai’, and has since dedicated his life to the art.

​Roger has worked at the largest Bonsai nursery in Brisbane and has previously worked as a nationally registered tutor and demonstrator. He has spent years developing his keen and unique understanding of the needs and Bonsai potential of many plants.

Roger has conducted many workshops in South East Queensland Bonsai Clubs including a demonstration at the 2006 National Convention. He has also worked on a number of private Bonsai collections.

​After 12 years operating as ‘Defined Garden Bonsai Studio’ on the Gold Coast, Roger has now relocated to Brisbane as “The Bonsai Man”, and this wonderful journey continues.  ​Roger’s personal quest is to share his passion, ideas, and knowledge of this wonderful art to all who seek to learn.

Brisbane International Bonsai School

Paradise Road, Forestdale, Brisbane Queensland, Australia. Phone +61 438 452 105

Tony has developed a structured range of classes honouring Classical Bonsai Teaching Principles and shares his knowledge freely at any level of Bonsai education.. If you want to learn just the fundamentals of Bonsai creation, care and maintenance, or extend your knowledge through to advanced techniques, Tony’s passion for teaching and creating Bonsai is the basis of his reputation and he is well respected around Australia and New Zealand and around the world for his creative vision and his willingness and ease at sharing his knowledge.

Structured Bonsai Classes by Tony Bebb
– Private & Group Bonsai Workshops
– Bonsai Presentations & Demonstrations
– Bonsai Re-design & Maintenance