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Bonsai Intensive & Workshop July 1-3 2022

Bimer Bonsai Club is proud to present the Bonsai Intensive and Workshop. Designed to improve the knowledge and skills of members through intense species-specific modules.


The purpose of Bonsai Intensive is to share the knowledge and passion of bonsai at a species level. With detailed information, background, examples and explaining how a bonsai hobbyist would develop their own bonsai in that species. Then workshop your own trees.


The underlying concept is to create an event with an intensive focus on specific plant species and plant varieties for bonsai. For specialist or passionate hobbyists to share the end-to-end process of developing world class bonsai for that species. They then work on their trees.


Bimer Bonsai will include a ‘Species Guide” resource for each participant to assist members with particular species.

  • Each presenter will run through the content outlined
  • This will be a 1 ½ hour information session, the 1 ½ hour workshop on participant or club trees.
  • There will be 2 sessions running at a time.
  • Participants are expected to bring their own trees for contribution to the session.
  • There will be coffee, tea and biscuits provided but lunch is at the participants cost

Activity: What will be covered

The program would cover the following for each species.

  • Background of the species
  • Care
  • Propagation
  • Repotting
  • Bonsai Development
  • Display
  • Special Techniques
  • Seasonality

The Bimer Bonsai Intensive will have

  • 2 x 3-hour sessions being run at a time. Participants must choose which they wish to attend
  • Saturday Afternoon will be a normal Black Pine session for all club members and FREE.
  • Each presenter will have a paid presenter and an advanced graduate future presenter assisting
  • Bimer Bonsai Trade table open everyday

Cost per session only $20

Friday 1st July 2022

Friday9:00-12:00LeptospermumSteve Cullum 
 9:00-12:00Chinese Elm/HackberryDavid Gibson 
 1:00-4:00MelaleucaSteve Cullum 
 1:00-4:00BougainvilleaAlbert Garcia 

Saturday, 2nd July 2022                                     

Saturday9:00-12:00JuniperDavid Calder 
 9:00-12:00MaplesKimberley H 
 1:30-4:30Black PineWhole Club PresentationKimberley H

Sunday, 3rd July 2022

Sunday9:00-12:00CameliaKimberley H 
 9:00-12:00FicusKeith Stanley 
 1:00-4:00CasuarinaAlbert Garcia 
 1:00-4:00AzaleaKeith Stanley 


email your interest and the sessions you would like to attend to: or use the form below to book your sessions.

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