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Bimer Bonsai Show 2023

Thank you to everyone involved in this year’s show. The show is the highlight of the club’s year, and this year was amazing. Particularly the volunteers, members who submitted their trees, the judges and the public who came to appreciate our club’s work. The level of Bonsai including the first-time entrants was superb, well done all.

We are very grateful to all the volunteers. You are too numerous to mention everyone, but the participation of members truly marks the strength of a great club. Thank you.
Arch checked in all the trees; a job usually done by 2-3 people. Tony doing all the great photos with Ben, Robert, John, Bruce, Pierre-Antoine, Luis and countless others making it all happen. Albert for his great presentations.
With Laura and Michaela at the front desk selling those tickets and welcoming all. David, Jayne, and Jim had the trade sales under control. The on-floor guides explaining things to the public was a big winner, thank you.
Below you can see the prize winners, I think you would agree they are wonderful.

Show Winners

First Prize & People’s Choice
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Presidents Choice
Presidents Choice 2
Presidents Choice 3
The Moloney Family Award