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Bimer Bonsai – Saturday Workshops

9.30 to Noon on the mornings of our monthly Bimer Bonsai Club meetings

Encouraging the Sharing of Knowledge

On the morning of
our Bimer Bonsai Club
Monthly Meetings

These workshops, held on the morning of our Bimer Bonsai monthly meetings, provide Bimer Bonsai Club members an ideal opportunity to work on their trees, share our knowledge and enjoy the company of our fellow bonsai enthusiasts.

Three experienced Bimer club members are available to assist members with their tree and answer questions.

Bimer Bonsai Club members are encouraged to come along and learn. Bring any tree, your tools, wire and whatever else you need to work on your bonsai.

You don’t have to be a Bonsai Master to participate in the workshop. Just be inspired!