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Andrew Sellman – August 7, 2021

Bimer Bonsai members are invited to come along and enjoy a free workshop with Andrew Sellman from 9 am on August 7, 2021. Our usual monthly meeting will begin at 1.30 pm, following the workshop and then the AGM at 1 pm, and Andrew will be doing a presentation and demonstration for us.

About Andrew…

Since beginning his bonsai journey 16 years ago, Andrew travelled extensively in Japan viewing bonsai gardens, exhibitions and participating in 3 separate 21⁄2 week intensive study periods. Firstly under Keichi Fujikawa and Bjorn Bjornholm, then Noboichi Uruahibata and finally Koji Hiramatsu. These intensive study periods entailed 11 hr days wiring and styling different varieties of trees, learning horticulture practices specific to bonsai varieties, bonsai display and day to day nursery work.

Andrew has video documentaries about these trips on YouTube channel with over 1.1 million views. Andrew is a qualified horticulturalist and prior to commencing his own landscaping and maintenance business in 2010 he worked in nurseries, landscape centres and soil batching facilities.

Andrew has received many awards for his bonsai including a BCI Medal of Excellence and an Award of Merit from Marc Noelanders for a tree at the 2017 AABC Convention.

Two articles on his bonsai life have been published in the international magazine Bonsai Focus. Andrew Specializes in coniferous material and how to create outstanding Shohin.