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Bimer Bonsai Market Day 2021 – Wavell Heights – February 7th – 12-3pm

Our Bimer Market day is coming up on 7th February 2021. All vendor tables are booked out so it should be a great afternoon to pick up a bargain or two.

Hand Crafted Items: Lindsay Bebb, Chairman of World Bonsai Friendship Federation, has been building a collection of Bonsai Stands, Display Boards (Jita) and other items for several years and at this Market Day he and Glenis will be offering a selection of items priced from inexpensive to well priced, depending on the type of timber and complexity of crafting. Items for sale here are made from 17 different types of timber, 15 of which are native and the few items in this photo for example, are priced from $22 to $450.  All items are made by Lindsay. All Jita are sanded to the same high standard on both sides so that they can be used in either direction or either side. Some are sanded to an extremely fine finish and come with their own, felt lined, signed Kiri Box for storage protection. Because all items are hand crafted, each is unique. 

Clerodendrums: These clerodendrums are from a well known Bundaberg grower who will be at the Market Day. These are a few of the trees he will be bringing along – some are still growing!

Bonsai Stands and Pots: This well known club member will be selling some pots and the magnificent bonsai stands he makes. If you don’t find a stand to the exact sizes you need, he is happy to take commissions.

Pumise, sieves, drift wood etc: This vendor will be selling pumice in 25L bags, sieves, bonsai stands and drift wood, books and freeform pots.

Pots of all kinds: From one of the potters who will be selling at the Market Day: “There will be a variety of pots including large and medium rounds and ovals, slab type pots, moon pots crescents, freeform, kusamono and accent pots. there will be some discounted pots also.”

Slabs, burls and kusamon: This vendor will be selling lovely slabs and burls as well as kusamon displays.