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2018 ‘The Tops’ Weekend Workshop

Stanwell Tops Conference Centre : 24 – 26 August 2018

Warm up your creative muscles and join us for the 19th Weekend Workshops,
hosted by Illawarra Bonsai Society, at the Tops Conference Centre at Stanwell Tops,
Full details can be found at the following website (including brochure and registration forms) :-

So pack your overnight bag and head for Stanwell Tops (just south of Sydney) for a weekend of collaboration, connection and creation. Catch up with familiar faces, as well as some you may not have met before. Join the members of Illawarra Bonsai Society for an interesting, fun and educational weekend for all like-minded people who enjoy everything to do with bonsai. Friendships are made with members from other clubs and the sharing of experience and knowledge is what makes our hobby so enjoyable. You can just come along to see, watch, listen and learn, enjoy the lovely bushland setting, work on your own trees, enjoy some wholesome food or just wander from area to area to see Paulette De Martin do Fiberglass Slabs and Rocks; Brenda Parker with Accent Plants; Lynette Smith creating Faux Rocks; and Jan Briggs’ presentation of Trimming and Growing Natives. Listening and watching the bonsai workshops, learn about suiseki by watching the woodworkers honing the wood to make bases (daizas) for their collected stones.
There is something for everyone and on the Saturday night watch and enjoy the main demonstration by Averil Stanley who will be having some “FUN WITH DEADWOOD”. Averil has a stunning large piece of Bristlecone Pine from Nevada, USA and to this piece of extraordinary deadwood she will attach a little-used Australian native – Callitris glaucophylla) – Cypress Pine — to create a masterful tanuki. Not to be missed!!. So come along and get some great inspiration for your trees. See how the deadwood and tree are perfectly matched to create a stunning Bonsai – Learn which tools to use and their function; how to carve the beautiful deadwood – how to treat the timber for longevity and how to age the wood. Sunday morning workshop is devoted to help you create your own. !!!!! See you there. Happy Bonsai!!