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2017 September Tony Bebb creating Stones for Root over Rock Bonsai

Tony Bebb creating Stones for Root over Rock Bonsai


  • For stones used in a root over rock bonsai style, make sure the stone has character.
  • The stone should also have visual direction, which should flow with the tree.
  • Make sure the tree is planted in an interesting spot, e.g. not directly on top.
  • The stone used in the composition should look like a mountain or a rocky outcrop sticking out of the ground.
  • Some rocks can have too much character, which may detract from the tree.
  • Conglomerate stones or those with flecks can ruin the image or proportions due to the pebbles in the stone.
  • The stone should have a visual base to provide stability.
  • Rocks from the seaside would have high salt content that needs to be removed. This can be achieved by boiling in water on the stove top for ~1 hour or leave out in the yard for 3-6 months.
  • Seashells can be removed by immersing in white vinegar until dissolved.
  • Smaller stones can be glued together to make larger more interesting stones. You can build something with stability, height and direction.
  • Mainly uses Plastibond, but can also use car filler or another all weather glue that does not flex.
  • Two part glues are useful as you can add more hardener to make it cure quicker.
  • Use sand/grit from the same sort of stone to sprinkle on the exposed glue areas before it has fully cured to hide the joins.