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2017 June Albert creates a Forest with some help.

2017 June Albert creates a Forest with Bruce & David

Forest Planting – General Guidelines (by Albert G).

  • Prepare your trees by re-potting in shallow containers at
    least the year before, to have more compact roots and
    provide some general styling.
  • Pots used are usually shallow and wide to harmonise with
    the trees. Choose a colour and style that will go well with
    the trees (e.g. matching bark colour to the pot colour).
    Slabs are also used.
  • Use tie wires in the pot (extra holes were drilled) or balls
    of muck to hold the trees in place.
  • Trees selected are usually the same species and should
    have the same feel. It is hard to harmonise the
    arrangement if you have a mix of straight and bendy
  • Try to have more trees than you intend to use in the
    forest so you have some choices.
  • The 1st tree placed should be the tallest with the biggest
    trunk. Place your trees from largest to smallest.
  • The main tree should be at the front and off centre for a
    near-view forest.
  • Try to ensure trees are not hidden behind another.
  • Three trees should not form a straight line when viewed
    from the front and side.
  • Vary the distances between trees to provide a more
    natural look. Growing two trees close together in the
    same training pot (like a twin trunk) prior to using in the
    forest will provide trees close together without sacrificing
    too many roots.
  • Odd numbers in the composition allow it to look more
    natural. Beyond 9 trees it is not as important to have an
    odd number.
  • The trees should form an overall silhouette in a rough
    triangular shape.
  • The composition should have direction, flowing from the largest trees to the smaller side.
  • The roots of the newly potted forest can be protected from dehydration by adding a layer of shredded sphagnum moss on the soil surface.
  • The roots are usually cut quite severely to fit in the tray so aftercare is important.
  • Have fun with the arranging and let your creative side come through.