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2015 Mauro Stemberger Visit

In 2015 Mauro Stemberger toured Australia and dd a fantastic demonstration on a Japanese Black Pine.

Mauro Stemberger Profile

Mauro Stemberger was born in Italy in 1978. He is member of UBI Unione Bonsaisti Italiani [the Italian Bonsai ‘Union’], serves as one of the instructors of the Progetto Futuro Bonsai School with headquarters in Monteveglio, Italy, and serves as the president of the bonsai club of Feltre. His interest in “that fascinating Bonsai World” began in 1993 while reading books on bonsai.

Mauro states he “was very curious about the intrinsic beauty of these ‘small-large’ works of art, a beauty that harmoniously interacts with nature and man, and makes us appreciate these small creatures day by day, having the pleasure of seeing them on the stands in our garden.” Mauro maintains a good friendship with his teacher and mentor Enrico Savini, the director of Progetto Futuro Bonsai School.

The passion for bonsai art is very much alive in him, and he envisions a future of always learning something new, through the dialog and continuous exchange of experiences with bonsai friends around the world.

Japanese Black Pine Demo


Club Member Workshop