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New This Month

Next Meeting is Saturday, March 2nd, 2024.
AM: Bimer Members’ Workshop 9 – Noon (Tutors will be there to assist!)

AM: Kusamono and Shitakusa with James Todd
PM:  Shohin and Small Bonsai with Keith Ireland 1.30 – 4 pm
See below for more info.

KEY EVENTS IN March 2024

The workshops have become one of Bimer Bonsai’s most popular activities. Members bring along their trees to work on from 9.00am to 12.30pm. There are tutors available as well as experienced members who are happy to share their experiences. Please bring along your bonsai and work with other club members. Non-members are free to observe and listen. This will finish at 12.30 sharp with all participants helping to pack up quickly and help set up for the afternoon presentation. 

9.30 – 12.30pm

Kusamono (literally “grass thing”) and shitakusa (literally “undergrass”) are a potted collection of plants designed to be viewed either in accompaniment with bonsai or alone. Normally, the term kusamono is used when the planting is displayed as the centre of attention, while the term shitakusa is used for plantings that accompany bonsai displays.

James Todd will be joining us for the workshop at 9.30am on Saturday 2nd March 2024. We will invite participants to do a workshop with James to create your own accent displays. It is FREE with the club covering the cost of materials.
As part of the session James has invited everyone to bring plants along as a plant exchange where participants are encouraged to bring plants including moss suitable for use as kusamono and companion plants and donate them to the workshop. Participants can then select plants to use in their creations.
The club will supply muck and potting mix and moss so you will only have to bring plants, pots and tools to have some fun creating.

1.30 – 4.00pm

Shohin, the little guys of bonsai have become extremely popular within the bonsai community. You can fit your whole bonsai collection in the back of your car!!!!

Shohin means “a small thing”, indicating it being even smaller than Bonsai. Although no exact rules were ever formulated, a tree is considered to be a Shohin Bonsai when under 25cm tall. Mame Bonsai trees are even smaller; under 10cm tall.

Keith will go through how to start with shohin, some of his stories and the basis of his passion. How to develop them.

He will then go through how to get the most out of them in display. This will be audience participation so that you really get to understand shohin.

Bimer Shirts

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Bimer Bonsai Venue

Our venue is the Wavell Heights Community Hall located at:

Wavell Heights Community Hall, Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland

The safer entry is from Cressey Street (off Edinburgh Castle Road) which is not on the crest of the hill
(see map below)