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Next Meeting – February 4th – 1.30 to 4 pm

About our guest speaker:

Jeff Bray started Bonsai in 1965 at the ripe old age of thirteen when his father took him to the Sydney Royal Easter Show where the Koreshoffs had a display of Bonsai which kept him fascinated for an hour or more. Dot Koreshoff answered a few of his novice questions and that was it. He was hooked and has been dabbling in Bonsai, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, due to life events, ever since.

Having already developed an interest in cacti and orchids and almost anything else plant related it seemed like a good fit. In those days there was very little information on Bonsai apart from the Koreshoff’s bi-monthly pamphlet and the odd booklet put out by the Women’s Weekly or a slightly larger version by Sunset Books, both of which he still has. So he killed trees for a couple of years until native figs seemed to be indestructible and were very forgiving of his limited horticultural practices.

Many wild stunted specimens were found around the rocky shores of Sydney Harbour which he still has fifty five years later. No internet, no Bonsai clubs near enough, just the yearly visit to the Koreshoff’s nursery at Castle Hill to buy a couple of pots and drool over their trees. Fast forward a few years and Bonsai was still a major interest despite having to work and negotiate various relationships and home relocations, Bonsai is still the major interest as well as rare bird breeding and general horticulture. The last twenty years of his working life has been in retail and wholesale plant nurseries on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. Jeff’s favourite species to work with are of course Ficus, Wisterias, Swamp Cypress, Pyracantha, Crepe Myrtle and Sao-to-me Azalea.

Jeff has developed Bonsai methods he says no one has done before involving the grafting of highly suitable cultivars of Swamp Cypress and Crepe Myrtle onto old stumps of the larger species. He will also show us how to create Mistletoe damaged branches in the process of developing older Bonsai more quickly.

Jeff looks forward to demonstrating his technique and sharing knowledge at the Bimer Bonsai Club, 4th February from 1:30 to 4pm.

Feb 4th Workshop – 9.30 am to Noon

It is wonderful to see attendance at our Saturday morning workshops steadily growing. Bimer Bonsai Club members are encouraged to bring a tree and your tools . A few of the more experienced club members will be available for guidance and advice.

Thanks to those attended our final meeting for 2022 and joined in the fun of the Silent Auction!

The raffles were well supported and the silent auction delivered many bargains to our members. Your enthusiasm and generosity has not only contributed to the success of our club, but it has also sponsored our yearly donation to a deserving charity. Thank you!

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Covid-19 changes

Please note that during these times we will need to practice the COVID-19 safety regulations as outlined by the government and in place at the time of each meeting.

Bimer Bonsai Venue

Our venue is the Wavell Heights Community Hall located at:

Wavell Heights Community Hall, Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland

The safer entry is from Cressey Street (off Edinburgh Castle Road) which is not on the crest of the hill
(see map below)