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Afternoon – Christmas Party and Auction

Our November meeting was well attended, with a full house for the morning workshop and a full audience for the afternoon session.

Art of Saikei with Craig Jurd and a Saikei Challenge

Craig is Australia’s foremost expert on Saikei and has been in bonsai for over 35 years

Saikei is not only a form of artistic expression but also a means of connecting with nature and appreciating the beauty of landscapes on a small scale. It encourages a deep understanding of horticulture and the principles of landscape design. Creating saikei compositions requires a blend of artistic vision, gardening skill and a keen eye for balance and detail

Some of our experienced members demonstrated and explained how to do :

Approach Graft, Thread Graft, Air Layer, Propagate by Cuttings and Propagate by Seed

Bimer Shirts

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Covid-19 changes

Please note that during these times we will need to practice the COVID-19 safety regulations as outlined by the government and in place at the time of each meeting.

Bimer Bonsai Venue

Our venue is the Wavell Heights Community Hall located at:

Wavell Heights Community Hall, Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland

The safer entry is from Cressey Street (off Edinburgh Castle Road) which is not on the crest of the hill
(see map below)