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This Clerodendrum was one of five purchased, for the princely sum of $10, at the Bimer Bonsai Show some 11 years ago. They were all just small seedlings growing inContinue readingClerodendrum


Celtis The Celtis was purchased from a Bimer member in 2012 (photo #1) and it was collected from the wild. Over the years it has continued its refinement. Its firstContinue readingCeltis

Air Layering Chinese Elms by Ray Mackaway

Air Layering Chinese Elms I have been growing some Chinese Elms for many years and have decided to work on them to make them suitable for bonsai. A number ofContinue readingAir Layering Chinese Elms by Ray Mackaway

June Activities

As with last month, more time becomes available for updating records, photos, planning and preparing for spring – readying pots, organizing what potting mixes you will need, catching up onContinue readingJune Activities

December Activities

Not too different from last month’s – watch for heat stress and pests, and keep at the vigorous growth. Don’t let your trees, particularly the fast growers like Celtis, ClerodendrumsContinue readingDecember Activities

July Actvities

July Activities: There is not much to do in the bonsai garden this month, except to enjoy your trees, think about how you want them to develop, and what youContinue readingJuly Actvities

September Activities

September Activities The deciduous trees should be popping buds and leafing out by now. Trees that are actively growing can be fertilised – otherwise if the tree is dormant theContinue readingSeptember Activities

May Activities

May Activities Days are shortening, and nights are definitely cooling. As the busy growing times are ending, more time becomes available for updating records, photos, planning and preparing for springContinue readingMay Activities