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New This Month

Club Workshop May 4th starts at 9am to 4pm

Bimer Bonsai Club will have a General Workshop on May 4th for all members starting at 9.00am. Please bring along a tree and your tools to work on them at the hall and maybe get some advice or help if you need it.

One of the clubs philosophies is to assist members to continue to develop great trees. Beginners are particularly welcome and we encourage them to bring their bonsai and pre-bonsai trees to get advice and help in developing their trees. Experienced members are on hand to help with wiring techniques, pruning, watering, fertilising and bonsai care.

More experienced members bring trees along to work on and get peer advice on refinement and tough design and aesthetic decisions. There are often many opinions and this helps to weigh up the right decisions.

In addition you can wander around and look at a huge variety of trees and talk to their owners about them. This is a great way to expand bonsai knowledge.

Bimer Bonsai Venue

Our new venue is the Wavell Heights Community Hall located at:

Wavell Heights Community Hall, Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland

Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland

The safer entry is from Cressey Street (off Edinburgh Castle Road) which is not on the crest of the hill
(see map below)