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May 2018 Calendar Tree

This fig was dug from a member’s garden in 1995. In 1997 it was styled and potted in this oval pot. Since then it has undergone a few changes, changed direction and potting angle. Changed the pot to a stronger rectangle. The height was lowered slightly. Later this year I am thinking of a stronger re-style that will still suit this pot. 

Annual General Meeting

On July 7th we will have our Annual General Meeting 1.30pm @ Church Hall, Jaguar Street, Chermside West

We welcome nominations for the Committee. The form is here:

Nominations for the Committee

International Praise for Bonsai House Mt Cootha

Harrkon in the UK

“Something to push the boundaries of our Greenhouse Tour today; the Bonsai House of Brisbane Botanic Gardens in Queensland, Australia.

Not the typical structure that we normally share but there’s a reason we called this a greenhouse tour and not a glasshouse tour and this place encapsulates all that we hold dear in our research of the man/nature crossover.”

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