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Lindsey Bebb Workshop & Presentation

Our regular meeting is on 7th November and our guest presenter will be Bradley Barlow.

Our meeting will commence with a general workshop starting at 9:00am and a presentation in the afternoon session starting at 1:30pm. The workshops are a chance for members to bring a tree along to work on in a group setting and to get some expert advice on.

Come along and see Bradley Barlow – Australia’s greatest Bonsai Pot Collector.

This will be an interactive talk and discussion. Bradley has asked that if you have a special pot you would like to discuss please bring it along.
Bradley Barlow began creating Bonsai in 1993 and with the generous support of local experts, won numerous styling awards at local, national and international levels. He is a Life Member of Bonsai Clubs International and participated in many conventions, especially in the Asia Pacific. He has a deep interest in Chinese Viewing Stones, of which he has an extensive international collection.
He has always been fascinated with the collection and adoration of bonsai pots. In 2014 he launched a small family business focussed on creating Virtual Bonsai Trees and in procuring the elusive bonsai treasures from Asia to share with like-minded enthusiasts.
Bradley has retired from teaching to devote his time to the research of antique bonsai containers and display tables, and holds an awesome memory on the history and stories of the famous potters who created these masterpieces.
Bradley has an enviable antique museum quality bonsai pot and display table collection in a purpose-built facility and contains a room specifically devoted to Japanese Imperial Pots – and he will share some these with Bimer Bonsai Club members.
He states that very few people have ever seen authentic examples of these pots, let alone experience the ultimate pleasure of owning these exclusive antique pots that belong to a lost period of Japanese Bonsai.
“It is like hunting a mythical beast as I try to track down and wrestle out hidden truth in my search for historical facts and the elusive treasure to match. Here at last is some material proof that the mythical beast does indeed exist out there!”
And we are so lucky Bradley is going to share some of these treasures and their historical background with us.

It should be a great day.

Please note that during these times we will need to practice the COVID safety regulations as outlined by the government.

Bimer Bonsai Venue

Our venue is the Wavell Heights Community Hall located at:

Wavell Heights Community Hall, Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, Brisbane Queensland

The safer entry is from Cressey Street (off Edinburgh Castle Road) which is not on the crest of the hill
(see map below)